Saturday, May 1, 2010

cheapest ways to record good quality music

have a band, love making music.

We just have one problem, We need better quality.

What are the cheapest ways or things to get for making good quality music?

Mixcraft by Acoustica...not sure on the prices now because I've owned mine for 3 years. I bought a bundle with Beatcraft, a drag and drop drum machine for seventy bones. I've got them for life. I could go into all the cool stuff but this would take the whole page.
With a condensor mic you'll need a phantom power preamp from guitar center...about seventy bucks. With a dynamic mic, you can run it straight into the computer.

You'll only need a mixer if you plan to record each person while you are both playing at the same time...but you'd get better control if you record tracks individually.

Oh and good luck! I hope you guys give us some great stuff.

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