Friday, April 23, 2010

Lina Marulanda has died in suspicious circumstances

Shocking news about Lina Marulanda. Infinite sadness, shock and a kind of state of shock you live among friends, colleagues and coworkers Lina Marulanda, after his death on Thursday morning. Some expressed their pain.Alejandra Azcarate (Actress and friend): “I can not believe what has happened. I did not come through a good moment in his life, with his second and his most recent separation business. We were to see us these days, but she said she wanted be alone. The truth is that I can with all that is happening. ”

The 30 year old TV personality had been out of the spotlight for some time, dedicating herself to her line of beauty products, and today she sadly reappeared on news channels. Lina Marulanda was a showbiz reporter for Caracol. So far, her death is considered a suicide after police confirmed that she jumped from the building, she had recently separated from her second husband.

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