Thursday, February 25, 2010

VoIP free calls for iPhone

Unfurling the much-craved revelation two major VoIP service providers iCall and Fring updated their apps to support calls over 3G network. iPhone VoIP apps now offer calling over 3G network. Voice over IP applications for the iPhone are now able over cellular networks. It must be elating for iPhone freaks to have at least one app on the market that can make 3G VoIP phone calls. We went out exploring the implications of 3G VoIP phone calls for iPhone and it big-bro iPad.

The company announced in a press release declared that, it is the first and only VoIP application that functions on the iPhone and iPod touch over cellular 3G networks.

Formerly AT&T rejected voice data over its network, instead those applications could just place calls when using the iPhone's Wi-Fi connection. Last year in October, AT&T confirmed support for VoIP over 3G for the iPhone. But, the VoIP app were limited to Wi-Fi. With the app updates being approved by Apple, iPhone is all set for 3G VoIP free calls

Now that iPhone allows 3G VoIP calls, we could soon expect Skype working over 3G network. It is server-side app and it would soon be available for download in new version of Skype to get this functionality. According a spokesperson from Skype, as told Macworld, the company has a 3G-enabled version of its iPhone app ready, but waiting for Apple's approval. We could expect to see VoIP free calls with the new Skype app.

The app updates would also open new vistas for VoIP phone calls on Apple's much-hyped tablet - iPad that runs all the iPhone apps.

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