Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MCSA Boot Camp, Get Certified Fast!

Though phrase “boot camp” is basically used for army training but now a days for IT related courses, program name Boot Camp has been developed as an intense residential training programme in a distraction free environment.

MCSA Boot Camp is an intensive test-preparation program designed for experienced Microsoft IT professionals that reinforces all the knowledge you need to earn the MCSA certification. This course will get you up to speed on Windows 2003 and prepare you for multiple Microsoft certification exams. In this Boot Camp, you will practice sample test questions and take simulated exams using Transcender, the industry-leading test-preparation product. Four exams are included in the Boot Camp. If you pass all 4 exams, you'll earn 3 certifications in 8 days: MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator), and MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) Windows Vista, Configuration. One free retake of each exam is included.

MCSA(Microsoft certified system administrator) boot camp program has been developed for IT professionals want to pursue a career as a system administrator. To become an MSCA anyone interested in computer or networking can join a boot camp program and get a MCSA certification from Microsoft Corporation signed by Bill Gates. The duration of MCSA boot camp training is approximately three to four weeks.

Requirements for passing MCSA

Any candidates interested to earn the MCSA on Windows Server 2003 certification need to pass four exams in total (in any order):

1. Two exams on networking systems

2. One exam on client operating systems

3. One elective exam

Eligibility of MCSA

Anyone having one year experience in Windows environment can take the exam.Yet I have seen many doing this course and taking the exams even without any kind of job experience. It will be much easier for you to do the course if you are familiar with Microsoft Windows Products.Most importantly to do this course you don't necessarily have to be from a computer background.

Before doing the course if you find time try to be familiarize with the following concepts:

DNS,DHCP,TCP/IP, OSI layers ,Client server models, Proxy server, IIS,IP security,Email system

MCSA Specilalization

There are mainly two tracks of MCSA on one of which you may be interested to be specialized.The two tracks are:

1.Messaging on Windows Server 2003
2.MCSA Security on Windows Server 2003


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