Sunday, December 6, 2009

Virtual Lite Brite

Are you bored with your usual online game? Maybe you should check out Hasbro’s newest offering called Virtual Lite Brite, which is being played by some kids as we type this entry. Habro recently released the online version of Lite Brite much to the delight of the kiddie netizens. I personally remember playing this game when i was still a little kid. The new online version has a number of features thatkids and adults alike might be interested in.

Now a Virtual Lite Brite has been launched, you can find it over at Hasbro.

It allows visitors to the site to play with the Virtual game, and seeing it was such a popular toy back in it’s day, this will surely be another very popular thing to go and play with.

Lite Brite allows users to generate a glowing picture by placing multi colored Translucent plastic pegs through an opaque backing of black paper. Once the light bulb is illuminated the spaces which are not blocked by the black paper conduct light. It has been used to create art pieces such as Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” created by Mark Beekman a Malvern, Pennsylvania Artist. Which took close to 15 months to make and made to the size of 5′5″ by 11′. It used 124,418 pegs it was auctioned on Ebay with the earnings given to the Milton & Catherine Hershey Heritage Foundation. It was certified by the Guiness World Records, with Hasbro sending him the first 100,000 pegs and Beekham buying the rest.

The record was later beaten by ASICS America Corporation in 2008, when artist Lori Kanary and Vitrorobertson created a sneaker design measuring 2.74m by 4.27 m and being made from 347,004 pegs.

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