Friday, December 4, 2009

Time Warner Cable in NYC

Time Warner is coming under fire in New York and NYC in particular as tonight's NFL match up between the NY Jets and the Buffalo Bills looms. The cable provider is still at odds with NFL Network, the channel which will be airing tonight's huge AFC East match-up. Therefore, anyone in the area will not be able to watch the game on TV This has many fans in the area in an up-roar. Time Warner Cable in NYC, are appealing for it’s subscribers help.

The company which operates in close to 27 U.S. states and also has 31 operating divisions.

Considered as the second largest in the industry, known for it’s tiered pricing of it’s service.

It has released a new ad campaign in which it asks it’s customers for their support in the company while it negotiates with providers of network programming, so as to prevent raises in rates that the company will have to pay in carrier rights.

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