Monday, December 7, 2009

Moshi Monsters Cheats How to make your monster happines to 999%

How to make your monster happines to 999%

Tip#1 Feed it with food
Hint: To buy food go to Main Street in your map and there is a shop which is the
Gross-ery store and buy all the food you want
Tip#2 Customize its house with items from these shops:
- Yukea ( Main Street )
- Bizzare - Bazzare ( Main street )
- Diy Shop ( Sludge Street )
Hint: To make your monster more happy use rare items ( If the tag in the items have a clover leaf thats a rare item so think quickly because they rarely come out and stocks change at 15 minutes
Tip#3 Tickle it by touching your pet
Hint: THey don't like being tickled to much so if they get annoyed stop it and walk around the streets for awhile go back and tickle it again
If you wnat to know more add me keith202

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