Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mazda Furai concept and 2009 RX-8

Here we have an image for the Mazda Furai concept, although it is just one teaser image of the new concept from Mazda, it is enough to wet your appetite until the vehicle until it debuts at Detroit 2008. The Furai Concept will debut alongside the 2009 RX-8, so Mazda really are pulling the stops out at next month’s motor show.

According to Auto Blog the Mazda Furai uses the chassis from the Courage C65 which was shown about two-years ago, the car will also use a new rotary engine that pushes out 450HP and is environmentally friendly as it runs on E100 Ethanol. Not much will change with the 2009 RX-8 compared to the model that is on our roads today, the design has been updating slightly as well as improved handling and acceleration.

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