Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nintendo Wiimote control earrings, keychains & cellphone charms

Wii accessories : Nintendo Wiimote control earrings, keychains & cellphone charms, Now this is pretty daft, well maybe not if you are a die hard Nintendo Wii fans. There are many gadgets and accessories for the Nintendo Wii but I have never come across anything like these before, these accessories are made of clay of which you can get in the shape of the Wiimote.

You can either have the Wiimote earrings, keychains or the cellphone charms totally your choice. These are pretty cool home made pieces of jewelry that are for the Wii geeks.

Wiimote earrings

The person behind making these says that they are all made from Sculpey clay and of which has one coat of satin glaze finish, these are pretty cute if you’re a lady and will cost between $6.50 to $15 before shipping.

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