Monday, September 24, 2007

Miley Cyrus Pregnant , just 15 yrs old & shot to fame

Miley Cyrus is pregnat is the latest hot gossip circulating around the web - Miley Cyrus ,she is just 15 yrs old & shot to fame with her appearence in hannah Montanna .

The j-14 and teen magazine carry an interview with miley cyros confirming she is pregnant shes currently filming the last episode of hannah montana .

But she didnt say who the dad is ; but her parents are really disappointed milley says:im going to take good care of my baby ive already gained 7 lbs i was in real shock it just happened accidently i went a little to far i a m sorry to my fans -the Hannah Montana teen star .he truth about Miley Cyrus pregnancy

The magazine does say anything about Miley Cyrus's pregnancy & she had signed already for the 2nd & 3rd series of Hannah Montanna -her tour starts on October -so if she is pregnant she may not have committed these .So the news is fake .

At 14, with a Julia Roberts smile and a Shania Twain voice, Miley Cyrus is the star of Hannah Montana, a Disney Channel sitcom about a young girl who leads a double life as a pop star. She's Miley Stewart by day, Hannah Montana at night.

Miley Cyrus's father;Billy Ray Cyrus is a country music star - "It's about that moment in every parent's life where you realize that your child has grown up, and you're at that crossroads where you gotta' let 'em go," Billy Ray Cyrus said.

Twelve-year-old Miley did go to Los Angeles, but her dad soon followed when producers noticed their chemistry and asked him to play Hannah Montana's dad. The show was an instant hit, and Miley an overnight star.

Miley Cyrus profile says she does not have a boyfriend
Who was dating with Miley Cyrus -Boyfriend of Hannah Montana star?

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