Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Milana Dravnel comes and says Oscar’s fake

Milana Dravnel comes clean and says Oscar’s photos where fake, you know from jump street, Milana Dravnel’s credibility was shady, let’s see here. Milana Dravnel is a striper, part time prostitute mmmm hellooooooo what where people thinking Milana Dravnel was looking for besides money.

Milana Dravnel in reality has not come clean, Milana Dravnel’s exact words where she could not confirm the authenticity of the photos mmmmm let me translate what Milana Dravnel said, ‘I faked the photos”

Well at the end of the day all Milana Dravnelwas looking for was for money and 15 minutes of fame, Milana Dravnel did not get the money but she is getting her 15 minutes of fame.

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