Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stardoll hair cheats

Finally figured out the Stardoll hair cheats. [You need a Stardoll superstar account and a Stardoll normal account for this Stardoll hair cheats, using Internet Explorer, Not Firefox]

*FIrst, log in to the superstar account, buy a hair dye.

*Go to your superstar’s medoll.

*Dye her hair the color that you want.

*Then click Ctrl+N

*A new window should appear but it should show the same page.

*In the new window, log out, and log in by your non superstar account.

*In the same tab, go to the non ss’s medoll.

*Go to the superstar window and click save 13 times.

*Then go to the non-ss and save 13 times.

*Log out in the superstar account.

*Log out of the non-ss account.

Close the second window.

*In the first window, log in your non-ss account.

*You should have colored hair! Congrats!

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