Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stardoll Clothes Cheat

Stardoll Clothes Cheat

Do you want old rares? DKNY? HB? For free? Or any other clothes you found in a person’s suite that you MUST HAVE?! Then follow this Stardoll Clothes Cheat[It might not work on Mozilla Firefox or for some people with the old version of Windows]

- First, go to that person’s suite,

- Choose the item that you want in your suite.

- Drag it into an empty space in the suite,

-Then Quickly press Ctrl+C twice.

-Go to your suite,

-Press Ctrl+ minus (-)

-The screen should be minimized.

-Press Ctrl+V

-It should be in your suite.

-[ I told you, it might not work for some people]

HAVE FUN with Stardoll Clothes Cheat

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