Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stardoll cheats for free stuff

FREE True Jackson Party dress!

Hey folks,sorry for the lack of posting.I don't even have a social life anymore Anyways, there's finally something new. Stardoll True Jackson Party dress!

Free Wipes and Dress!

Big thanks to the Stardoll Insiders!Just join the club Simple_VIP_Club and do as told!The dress is pretty. Stardoll Wipes and Dress for free !!

Free Chloé!

Updating Stardoll on my mind. Anyway, there's a free Chloé from the movie Beverly Hills Chihuaha. Stardoll Chloé Free !

FREE Spectacular t-shirt

Discovered another t-shirt for US members:Simply go to the cinema and watch the Spectacular trailer! Everyone else use proxy to get it! Spectacular t-shirt Stardoll

FREE Dove t-shirt and necklace

Hey folks,if you join the club Dove_Wonderful you’ll get a FREE t-shirt and a necklace!

FREE Mini Cooper!

Hey folks You have to fill out the information form thingy to receive your free gift now!

FREE Earth Hour clothes!

There's 3 FREE Earth Hour items in the New section of Starplaza:Quite cute, don't you think?

FREE Butterfly + Koala

free was around for a while and I was learning for my last cheats tomorrow.

FREE Miley Cyrus Book

Hey folks,the Pick of the Day is Miley Cyrus' new book "Miles to go":As usual this is for US users only but simply use the web proxy trick.

FREE Barbie dress

Barbie trailer in the cinema - today you finally get your reward for watching it

FREE HSM3 Microphone!

free HSM3 microphone as Pick of the Day! It's for US users only but you get it if you use the Proxy

FREE 'Checked Shirt' for BOYS

Another free item popped up!Simply go to the Stardoll Boys shop and you'll find the shirt on the 2nd page

FREE black T-Shirt!

There's a FREE black Basic T-Shirt in the Stardoll shop!Simply search for: BLACK and TOPS in Stardoll.

FREE Flower Pillow

go to the ROOTS section in the Minishop you'll find a cute FREE flower pillow!You can buy it as often as you like.

FREE Lipstick!

found this LOVELY Valentine's present from Stardoll in Starplaza! =) It's on page 2 of the start page, so go, grab it!

New FREE Voile gift

nice new Voile gift in one of the Spoiler-Blogs. Stardoll didn't send out the message yet but you can already get it.

Stardoll cheats for free stuff

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