Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stardoll cheats for free clothes

Stardoll cheats for free clothes

Clothes are the most significant item in Stardoll as it is one item that will it drastically change the appearance of your Stardoll. This is why clothes are the most coveted by all players in Stardoll and most sought after. With our Stardoll cheats for clothes, you will be able to obtain gorgeous new clothes for free, without having to pay any Stardollars – the currency in Stardoll.

One way to unlock special clothes and other special accessories is by upgrading the account to a paid membership, which is called Superstar account. Are there any Stardoll cheat to become a superstar without paying? We haven’t been able to find any yet but if we do, we will be updating the site with the proper Stardoll cheats. In the mean while, enjoy our Stardoll cheats for clothes and other free stuffs without having to pay real money for them.

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