Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sims Social Hacks Cheats Bots

The Sims Social EA Games - EA and Playfish are working on a new Facebook game that could end up being a huge timesink. The Sims are getting their very own, free-to-play app. It’s called The Sims Social and it’s a rudimentary version of The Sims with some social networking elements added in. If you really want to, then think of it as a scaled down version of The Sims Online.

Oh we can’t just wait for Electronic Arts (EA) to finally release this favorite simulation game on facebook.

If you are one of the many people who enjoyed and grew up playing The Sims, from it’s first version where kids suddenly appear on a bassinet and you are forever stuck with a kid that never grows old. And then the next version The Sims 2 was a break through, when your babies finally grows up and leaves the house. Then come The Sims 3, and i can’t imagine the game getting any better. And are you one of those who spend hours in front of the computer playing this life simulation game. Now our favorite life simulation game will be on our favorite social network.

For The Sims players, who wouldn’t know what motherlode is? Or Kaching? Is your sims not earning enough from his job or just doesn’t want to work? Don’t you just pull up the cheat screen and type motherlode as many times as you want and viola your sim can afford anything!

Modifying The Sims game was always an OK ground for EA, they even encourage fanatics to game more customizable, and avid player maybe very familiar with MOD the Sims forum. Now the fans of the game is almost 1 million, as of to date August 1, 2011, fans is at 954,454, so they only need 46,00 people to launch the game. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

The Sims Social is going to be just like a normal Sims game. You create characters and then manage their lives. The social aspect comes in since your friends who are also playing The Sims Social can play along. You’ll also be able to manage your sim’s living situation, getting the best home possible for them. Or the worst, if you’re sadistic.

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