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Poptropica Walkthrough

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Poptropica Early Poptropica Walkthrough

Early Poptropica Island is one of the original levels of the kids' online game Poptropica. The game consists of several virtual Islands that can be explored and conquered through playing games, scavenger hunts (using clues as leads) and solving puzzles. New Islands are occasionally released and Early Poptropica Island was one of the first to be released in the game. In this mission, the goal is to help find lost and stolen items for the Early Poptropica settlers. If you need help beating Early Poptropica Island, this page includes full written guides and tutorials as well as YouTube video walkthroughs that show how to finish the level step-by-step.

The world of Early Poptropica Island can be found on the Poptropica map. After finding a series of missing and stolen items and talking to the characters in the game for hints and clues, players will be rewarded with a Early Poptropica medallion and 100 free Poptropica credits. Some of the things to look for in this level include a pig, a bucket and a special flag. This particular quest is considered to be one of the easier adventures in the Poptropica game.

In Early Poptropica Island, player start off by finding a few basic items to help them along the way. One of the items is a glow stick, this helps the player 'see' in the dark. Players must then go on to find the "Prized Porker," the Golden Egg, a Water Bucket, a Flag and a Jet Pack. At the end of the level, the player must return the missing items (Pig, Bucket and Flag) to the three pilgrims in Early Poptropica. To claim the reward, after giving the man the flag, the player has to jump on to the ship that comes ashore. This final pilgrim will reward the player with the Island's medallion and the 100 Poptropica credits. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Nabooti Island Walkthrough

Nabooti Island walkthroughs can help players complete the Nabooti Island level in the children's online game Poptropica. Nabooti Island is considered to be one of the longer quests in the game.1 In this level, kids will set out on an adventure through an African-continent themed land in order to recover seven sacred jewels that have gone missing. If you need help and want to learn how to beat Nabooti Island, this page serves as a guide and links to helpful written instructions as well as full video walkthroughs, like the Poptropica walkthroughs often found on YouTube, provided by expert players.

When a player competes Nabooti Island, which is a "Choose Your Own Adventure" game, they will be rewarded with a Nabooti Island Medallion and 100 free Poptropica credits. Throughout the game, players will rely on a map to help them find their way around the Mountains of the Moon, the Blue Nile Falls, the Kaya Forests and the mines. Players will interact with several characters who provide them with hints and tips. Kids will need to solve a series of puzzles and complete games in order to beat the level and find the Nabooti tribe's sacred jewels.

The goal of Nabooti Island on Poptropica is to help the Nabooti tribe by finding their sacred jewels that have disappeared. In this adventure, kids will have to use a map of Africa and fly in a plane to different destinations. The missing jewels are scattered throughout the Island. Players will get a find a cell phone in the Mountains of the Moon. By dialing secret number codes, players can find secret items like a police uniform, a Ned Noodlehead costume and can even turn their character's head in to a 'brain in a jar'. The codes are 911, 411 and 1337 (only for Nabooti Island-not a real phone!).1 The missing gems can be found by traveling through Nabooti Island locations like Giza, Blue Nile Falls, the Mountains of the Moon, Kaya Forests and the Safari. At the end of the game, when all the jewels are found, the player must go back to the Nabooti Island African Museum and put the jewels (in the correct order) back in the statue. The Nabooti Island gem order has to be correct; purple, green, red, white, blue, orange and yellow.3 When this is done, the statue transforms into a rocket and the player completes this level of the game. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Counterfeit Island Walkthrough

Counterfeit Island walkthroughs can help players learn to beat the latest level of the Poptropicagame. Counterfeit Island became available in January 2010. Players who had 500 Poptropica credits were able to get early access to this game. This level is considered to be one of the longer and more complicated missions in the game on If you need help beating Counterfeit Island, this page includes links to step-by-step written instructions as well as several Poptropica Counterfeit Island video walkthroughs and tutorials, like those hosted on Youtube.

The goal of Counterfeit Island is to stop a thief who is trying to steal famous paintings, like The Scream, from the Counterfeit Island Museum. In order to solve this complex mystery, players must complete a series of tasks and puzzles that all lead to the capture of the art thief at the end of the game. When the quest is completed and the Counterfeit Island culprit is finally captured, the player will be awarded with a Counterfeit Island Medallion and 100 free Poptropica credits.

To get to Counterfeit Island, click on the location, on the Poptropica map. The goal of this mission is to find out who is trying to steal paintings from the museum. Players will have to collect a few things before starting the quest, like a green balloon that allows the player to jump higher and they'll have to dig through some trash to find Underground Tour Tickets. Players will have to put together a puzzle of missing dragon-painting pieces and take a Forgery Detection 'tutorial'. Another task in this mission is to try to stop the theft of the famous painting The Scream. Failing at this mission is part of the game, and the player will be falsely accused of stealing it and will have to take a lie detector test. Players will then set off to find the "real" thief. At the end of the game, the real culprit may come as a shock. When the real painting thief is captured, the mission is complete and the player will be awarded with the Counterfeit Island Medallion and will win [[how to get free poptropica credits|100 free Poptropica credits. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Astro Knights Island Walkthrough

Walkthroughs for Poptropica's Astro Knights Island show the the best tips, hints and strategies for completing the level. Astro Knights Island is a level on the kids online game Poptropica. In order to beat the level, players must save a princess who was been kidnapped from the Kingdom of Arturus and taken away to space. This particular level is said to be one of the longest and most complicated quests in the game.1 If you need help beating the Astro-Knights level on, walkthroughs can help you on your mission.

To begin playing Astro-Knights Island in Poptropica, players must fist click on the world, which is found on the Poptropica map. The player will then be taken to a place called Arturus. In this world, the mission is to build a spaceship, maneuver through the mission using coordinates and find the princess. At the end of the level, the player will receive a 100 free Poptropica credits.

This page has a ton of great information, tips, cheats and links to all sorts of walkthroughs for this level. Here you can find full written instructions on how to complete Astro-Knights Island from start to finish and video walkthroughs of the entire level.

When a player arrives in Astro Knights Island they'll see Mordred's Museum. Instead of entering the building, go to the nearby fountain and find a hidden coin. This can then be used in the museum. At the museum players will get a "Library Book Slip," which is a clue to the game. Next players must find the library, located inside the Castle of Arturus. Using the library slip to decipher the clues in the library, players will then proceed in the mission until they find a King and Queen. The Queen will give the player a set of special coordinates. These coordinates will help players throughout the game.

After getting the coordinates, players must then find the Excalibur spacecraft. This spaceship will eventually crash-land and a new rocket must be build. The next thing to do is travel to the Jungle Planet, Fire Planet, Ice Planet and finally the asteroid called The Crystal Gate. After a run in with a tricky character called Binary Bard, the player can fight Kind Mordred and save the princess. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Time Tangled Island Walkthrough

Time Tangled Island walkthroughs can help players beat the Time Tangled Island level of the kids online game Poptropica. In this mission, players must to travel in a time machine in order to find items that are located in the wrong time period. After completing the level, players will be rewarded with free Poptropica credits and the Time Tangled Island Medallion. If you need help finishing the Time Tangled Island level of the game, walkthroughs can help make the quest easier. This page contains links to full written instructions on how to beat the Time Tangled Island level as well as video walkthroughs, like the ones hosted on YouTube.

The world of Time Tangled Island can be found on the Poptropica map. In this level of the game, players must find the misplaced items by completing a series of quests and puzzles. The mix-up occurred because of a malfunctioning time machine. When all the items are found, the 'future' of mankind will be restored to the way it's supposed to be.

When players arrive at Time Tangled Island, after clicking the icon on the map found on, they must first go to Penelum's Lab. From here the "Future Machine" can be activated. Next, players will have to get a "Mission Printout" that shows all of the misplaced items. Players will then get a "Time Device" that will be added to their inventory. With this, players can travel through time and find the missing items. The items to look for are a golden vase, Thor's Amulet, salt rocks, Da Vinci's notebook, an Aztec sun stone piece, a stone bowl, the Declaration of Independence a peace medal, a phonograph a statue model and a pair of goggles. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Super Power Island Walkthrough

Super Power Island is a kids game on the website On Super Power Island, players must take on the role of a super hero and help stop escape prisoners from destroying the city.

After a meteor crashed into a jail, both the prisoners and player received super-powers, hence the Island's name. If you need help beating the Super Power Island level in Poptropica, walkthroughs can make the mission easier.

This page contains information, tips, cheats and secrets to completing Super Power Island. Some of the walkthroughs that this page links to are written out and others are videos, like the ones found on YouTube, that show how to finish the Super Power Island level. Every time a player beats a level on Poptropica, they win 100 free Poptropica credits.

The Super Power Island can be found on the Poptropica map. Like all other Poptropica Islands, it takes a ride in a blimp to get there. In this level of the game, players will get to wear a super hero costume and will receive a super hero ID card along with special powers. The goal of Super Hero Island is to catch a bunch of escaped prisoners that are hiding throughout the Island. The super hero ID card helps players to keep track of the villains captured.

When a player arrives at Super Power Island, they have to first visit the Comic Shop to get The Superhero's Handbook. Players then go to the Masks and Capes shop to get an ID card and a costume. There are six escaped prisoners that must be captured. The bad-guys are the Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, Sir Rebral, Ratman, Crusher and Betty Jetty. In order to capture the prisoners, players to to complete a series of puzzles and games. After all of the super-powered criminals are found, players then return to the comic store to claim their Island Medallion. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Reality TV Island Walkthrough

Reality TV Island is a new level in the kids online game Poptropica. When the Reality TV Island level is completed, the player will be rewarded with 100 free poptropica credits that can be used in the Poptropica Store. If a player needs help beating the Reality TV Island in Poptropica, this walkthrough page has a lot of helpful tips, cheats, information and a full Poptropica Reality TV Island walkthrough. Some of the Reality TV Island walkthroughs are instructions that can be read, while others show how to beat the level in video tutorials found on sites like YouTube.

The Reality TV Island level was released on March 24, 2010. The level allows the player to be a contestant on a reality TV program which takes place on an island. During the game, players must compete against other contestants and avoid being eliminated. The goal of the level is to win the grand prize and "become a hero to your home town."

This level of the game has several mini games and quests that must be completed to finish the level. To beat the level players need to look for Bucky Lucas, who was voted off of another season. Along the way players will meet other Town heroes that were voted off the show.

Poptropica Reality TV Island -Bucky Lucas and TV Show Application

* Travel to the new Reality TV Island by hot air balloon
* On the island, go to the TV World store and enter
* Jump up to the highest shelf and click on the boy with the striped shirt
* Change the channel on the Big TV, get the address and leave the store
* Go to Mike's Market and click on the man with the blue magazine, take the tabloid when he drops it, from here you can get the Reality Island TV Show application to add to your collection
* Leave the store and go to the Motel Office, click on the pens on the desk (will be added to your collection so you can fill out the application)
* Order a pizza and talk to the delivery person outside
* Bring pizza to room on top floor of motel, talk to the guy with the spikey hair about the grand prize and he'll give you a stamp to use on the application
* Once you have these items you can fill out the application and drop it in the mailbox3
* You can then get on a helicopter to go to Reality TV competition

Early Island Access Poptropica Tickets

Each time Poptropica releases a new game, players can get early access to the Island in the weeks before its official release. On December 21, 2009, before the January 4, 2009 release of Counterfeit Island, offered players the change to pay 500 Poptropica credits to get an Early Island Access Ticket to the game. Those who bought the ticket at the Poptropica store received 200 free credits for completing the level before its official release date. Players who were interested in testing out Reality TV Island before it was released signed up for's island release alerts. This is why you'll see that some of the featured walkthrough videos on this page were created as early as February 2010, well before the level's official release date. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

Poptropica Haunted House Walkthrough

The Haunted House is a mini-game in the kids online game Poptropica. When the Haunted House mission is completed, the player will be rewarded with 50 free Poptropica credits, that can be used to customize Poptropica avatars or used to purchase special Poptropica items or tickets at the Poptropica Store. If you need help finishing the Haunted House level in the game on, this page serves as a reference for finding helpful tips, cheats, information and full Poptropica Haunted House walkthroughs. Some of the walkthroughs are in the form of instructions that can be read, while others are video tutorials hosted on websites like YouTube.

The Haunted House mission was released in October 2009, the same month as Halloween. The goal of the mini game is to find four treasures and bring them to a witch. To get to the Haunted House, like all other Islands in the Poptropica game, players need to ride a blimp. The Haunted House can be found on the Poptropica map. This level includes several puzzles that must be solved in order to find the four pieces needed to beat the game. There are also two items that can help the player beat the level.

In the Poptropica Haunted House, players must fist talk to a "ghost cat." There are then four items that players need to find in order to beat the Haunted House level on Poptropica. These items are ice, a lantern, a chalice and the red bottle of the "Draught of the Dead." Players will also need to find a key and a pickaxe to complete the level. In total, six items are used to complete the mission. At the end of the level, the witch, located outside of the Haunted House, in a hole beneath a crying angel statue, will give the player 50 free credits for the Poptropica store. by: Poptropica Walkthrough

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