Sunday, August 7, 2011

Black ops Lag PC

Black ops pc lags, Many PC players are reporting issues with the game related to poor performance that has nothing to do with their own hardware. For example, Black Ops will slow to a crawl in relatively quiet areas of the game, while in hectic stages full of explosions it may carry on just fine.

This game came out with alot of lag, pc black ops lag fix has something to do with Steam and the game stealing A whole lot of memory or something. pc black ops lag fix not your need but the developers fault. We have to wait for a pc black ops lag fix. In a nutshell, consoles are > PC's at the moment my good friend.

Treyarch has acknowledged the black ops pc lag patch, with multiplayer design director David Vonderhaar Tweeting: "I don't have any intel at this time. I am not in the office but I know they know about it."

Steam stats have revealed that upward of black ops pc lag patch for people were playing the PC game's multiplayer mode over the last day, and slightly less its singleplayer. That's pretty impressive, even if it is way short of the million-plus Xbox Live players.

similar problem withpc black ops lag, I fixed it by going into the advanced video settings and knocking down the three settings at the bottom of the list from exreme to high, it ran great after that. maybe it's the same deal pc black ops lag here?

The Host has bad internet connections make blackops pc lag , nothing you can do unless you host a game or it could be your internet to slow for blackops pc lag.

black ops lag fix pc, Errors occur with this game though, which you may need to troubleshoot. Follow our black ops lag fix pc guide to fixing these PC game problems. From game lag to game freezes, we have a solution for each. Note that some issues with the game may only be fixable through a patch released by the creators.

For all the rest black ops pc lag fix, take a look around!

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