Saturday, May 1, 2010

cheapest vehicle to buy in the long run

f someone wanted to buy a car and money is no object. What would be the cheapest car to buy figuring in maitnance cost, insurance, gas, etc.... would it be better to buy a high end car like Lexus or something like a Toyota those are just examples. It can be a truck too. This is not for me I am just curious. I have been told Lexus is but insurance for a Lexus is expensive. I want to know for the long run too for example 20 years. Would it be cheaper to go with several cheap cars or one expensive car.

some reasearch on my own and found at they have a thing called true cost to own. It figures in everything gas, insurance maintnance depreciation etc.. for 5 years and I researched many cars and the Honda Civic was the best car.

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