Wednesday, April 14, 2010

USC football: Dillon Baxter future NFL

Dillon Baxter's a name you've never heard of until now. The USC freshman and former Mission Bay High quarterback has the Internet abuzz with his play at USC's spring intersquad scrimmage, putting on what the LA Times called "a show" and getting the attention of NFL scouts four years (OK, perhaps three years) before he's eligible for the NFL Draft.

Dillon Baxter's 50-yard run has a USC observers mentioning him in the same name as Heisman Trophy winners Reggie Bush and Marcus Allen. In the video below, the 6-foot 199 pound Dillon's run happens at the 51 second mark:

Dillon Baxter's run is not funny; Baxter's stupid fast. In fact, Baxter may be faster than Reggie Bush was at USC; that's just by observation. Cal Football fans Dillon Baxter must be stopped.

Aside from Dillon Baxter's play, the video also has Junior Defensive Tackle DaJohn Harris' rob of the ball (not really a strip as he just took it from him) from quarterback Mitch Mustain and ran 52 yards before Mustain tackled him at the 4-yard-line.

But something the Internet isn't buzzing about, but should be, is USC Head Coack Lane Kiffin's use of a no-back, five-wide receiver formation, and a five-step drop. Lane's bring in a new and more aggressive offensive attack than when Pete Carroll was the USC coach.

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