Thursday, April 22, 2010

south park and muhammad SAW

A group of Muslims warn South Park creators that their depiction of the Prophet Muhammad may have gone too far. A recent episode of the Comedy Central hit animated series has drawn fire from a Muslim group for portraying Muhammad in a bear costume.

There aren’t many people or deities that South Park hasn’t made fun of over the years, but only one might earn you a death threat. The Muslim website said it wasn’t threatening Matt Stone and Trey Parker but that they were warning them that they could end up like Theo Van Gogh who was killed by a radical Muslim for creating a documentary showing the degradation of women in the Muslim world.

The New York Times reports that Revolution Muslim supports jihad against the west and supports Osama Bin Laden. They also add the group doesn’t advocate killing anyone by working within the confines of the law. Seems like an oxymoron to me.

As Muslims warn South Park creators for a Muhammad joke, those who make fun of Jesus or other gods do so without fear of retribution. Doesn’t this essentially prove the radical nature of Islam? Are those who criticize the practices of Islam or use Muhammad as the butt of a joke flirting with death? A cartoonist in Norway was threatened and protests ensued after he used Muhammad’s likeness in a cartoon.

The Muslim who wrote the post said the death of documentary maker Theo Van Gogh was something that was “likely” to happen to the South Park creators. Sounds like a threat to me. As Muslims warn South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the rest of the world will stand by in their politically correct cocoon and allow it to happen; fearing a backlash from the Islamic community themselves.

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