Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL draft 2010 Result

Thursday night primetime is typically seen as the weekly ratings powerhouse, and line-ups are based around hits like 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, and Bones.

The draft will definitely draw viewers from these shows, which can be watched and enjoyed later on Hulu or a DVR. But as the night progresses, broadcasters will increasingly pick up marginal fans who can no longer stand the monotony of the draft.

The networks will also likely keep their female viewers, who are primarily uninterested in the NFL draft.

Tim Tebow’s Future: What else we want to know, even though he may not be the first round pick today by St. Louis Rams for sure he will make a good NFL career as many predicted as he is. Jimmy Sexton , Tebow’s agent said in an interview that “I don’t know if it’s gonna shock the world because I always thought he was going to do well”.

We are crossing our hands on this, this might be Sam Bradford’s moment to be picked first or maybe Ndamukong Suh day to be the one chosen first. But this is not only for the number 1 picked to talk about because there’s Colt McCoy in the list also who is a big name on the last college football season.

Sam Bradford pick

A few Sam Bradford Stats & Information:

* Bradford is the first Oklahoma player selected first overall since running back Billy Sims in 1980 (Lions).
* Bradford is the third Oklahoma player drafted No. 1 overall (defensive end Lee Roy Selmon by Buccaneers in 1976, Sims by Lions in 1980) in the common draft (since 1967).
* Bradford is the first Oklahoma player selected in the first round since running back Adrian Peterson (seventh overall by Vikings) in 2007.
* A quarterback has now been chosen with the first selection in the draft 14 times in the last 24 years dating to 1987; in the previous 20 years in the history of the common draft (1967-86), quarterbacks were taken with the first pick just four times.
* Bradford is the Rams' first quarterback drafted in the first round since 1964 (Bill Munson, Utah State).
* In the history of the common draft (since 1967), there have been now been 18 quarterbacks drafted No. 1 overall, including 10 of the last 13 drafts dating back to 1998.

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