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Glee Tv show: What Time is Glee On Tonight?

What Time is Glee on Tonight April 13 2010?

Glee finally returns to Fox tonight April 13 2010 at 9:28 pm ET until 10:28 pm ET, so don't forget to get in front of your TVs! It will air directly following the latest episode of American Idol.

April 13 is the 15th episode of Glee and fans could not be happier that one of the most successful television shows is finally returning after a long hiatus.

There has even been a Glee drinking game developed for tonight's show, so if you are of age and want to get together with some friends don't forget to bring the drinks.

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Glee has not changed much since it has been off the air, but why mess with a good thing right?

There will still be a five song per episode minimum, and it is still considered to be in its first season as there are nine episodes left to go in Season One.

Fans can look forward to an entire Madonna themed show as well as an episode dedicated to Lady Gaga, so there is much to look forward to.

The Glee cast will also cover songs from The Beatles, Christina Aguilera, AC/DC and Olivia Newton-John.

Many wondered why this popular show was taken off the air for so long when it was at the height of its success and fans were very upset when it was moved to make way for American Idol. After a long wait it is back however and fans can now look forward to a Glee installment every week.

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