Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moshi Monsters pom pom, give ur monster a friend

If you want your monster to ave a little buddy to its right,
all you have to do is this:

* Buy a pom pom, shuter glasses, shoes, etc.
* Go to the dress up room
* Drag the pom pom and place it next to your monster or above as you want it
* Then dress up the pom pom!
* Put the shutter glasses on it like a glass!
* And you can give it earrings, anything!

If you don't understand the above, go onto Moshi Monsters and add me. I'll tell
you then. Search for me as 'jenitajj' and tell me why you added me and if it was
for this. I love this trick! Hope you do!

Submitted by: Jenita xxx

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