Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to get Rox fast on moshi monsters

how to get rox fast on moshi monsters without planting seeds

How to get a rox plant plant any 2 seads and wait till they fully grow then plant a third
leav the moshling gardns and go straight back in if there is a small blue thing insted of
your plant dont dig it up put your mouse over it and it will say dig up this rox plant/
but dont dig it up let it grow.

Plant three magic beans and than wait until they are grown that when you take
they out you will get 100 roxs for each planet.

Plant 3 magice beans. Once they have fully grown, dig them up. The rox can range
from 1 - 100 depending on your monsters health(if ur monsters health is low you'll
get a low amount of rox etc.)

Click on your monster with a right click. Then, undo the right click, and go home.
Drink a toad soda, then go to the daily challenge, click on it, and play it again.
You will get from 5-1000 rox.

Submitted by: taniesha

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