Monday, February 1, 2010

Black History Month 2010

The President of the United States is black. African Americans have gone to space, served as Republican national chairman, held the offices of secretary of state and attorney general, served on the supreme court, dominated sports and entertainment, and generally rocked our world for the better for decades. Black History Month is a national annual observance for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada in February and the United Kingdom in the month of October.

It's a town rich in black history and tucked away just north of of Orlando. Home to a more than 2,000, Eatonville is known as one of the first incorporated black towns. Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson - Jackie Robinson is immortalized in a statue located at the main entrance to the Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach. Katherine Johnson BHM Katherine Johnson - Katherine Johnson has never lived in the state of Florida, but her work with NASA had a deep impact on developing the Space Coast. Geraldine Thompson .

Geraldine Thompson - rep. Geraldine Thompson serves District 39 in the Florida House. She is the first African-American female to represent Orlando in the Legislature The Moores .

Harry And Harriette Moore - On Christmas Day 1951, the home of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore in Mims was bombed.Twenty sticks of dynamite were placed directly beneath their bed. Careter is from Daytona Beach. Belvin Perry.

5Belvin Perry - Belvin Perry grew up in Sanford as the only child of a single mother. Perry went to Crooms Academy, but didn't make it past the 10th grade -- his one greatest regret. Val Demmings.

Val Demings - She's in charge. Val Demings is one of the most powerful women in Central Florida.

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