Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Justin Bieber has been threatened with arrest.

Justin Bieber has once been threatened with arrest. WENN reported the “One less Lonely Girl” singer recently gave one shocking revelation about the matter when discussing about his canceled appearance at new York’s Roosevelt Field Mall. he explained that police forced him to send Internet message to fans urging them to go home if he didn’t want to end up behind bars.

“They expected 1,000 fans, but 10,000 turned up,” the 15-year-old recalled what made the November 2009’s event turned into chaos. he then admitted, “The stupid police officers ended up threatening to arrest me for coming. They told me to Tweet my fans telling them I wasn’t coming, otherwise they would arrest me. It didn’t make sense – how could you arrest someone for not Twittering?”

On November 20, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel his scheduled meet-and-greet gathering in new York after it turned into a chaos even before the singer arrived to the venue. One girl had to be rushed to the hospital following aggressive pushing and shoving after employees at one of the stores falsely screamed out that Justin was in their store.

Following the incident, the Canadian singer post a tweet begging his fans to go home. “The event at roosevelt mall is canceled,” his tweet read. “please go home. the police have already arrested one person from my camp. I dont want anyone hurt.” he later tweeted, “Im sorry to everyone who was in Long Island at the Mall 2day. I was just trying to come meet fans and never meant to disappoint anyone.”

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