Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jane Lynch to Marry Dr Lara Embry

Viewers watching the recent Golden Globes Awards’ ceremony saw Jane Lynch celebrating the Glee award... and kissing athe woman seated next to her. The drums have been beating ever since! The Internet detectives have since put the pieces together and solved the mystery.

Lynch told the Guardian, a UK publication, that she is in a committed relationship and she told a Golden Globe red carpet interviewer that she was at the awards with her girlfriend. Then the New York Times Carpetbagger blog reported “Jane Lynch, who saw her Fox show “Glee” win a Golden Globe and who told us she was marrying her partner, Lara, in May, summed up the night’s victories for Fox: “It’s good to be on the winning team.”

Lara is psychologist Dr. Lara Embry who has been in the news herself. In May 2009 Embry, a NCLR client, received the organization’s Justice Award, which honors an individual “who has shown the courage and perseverance to fight for justice and sacrificed to make broad social change for the LGBT community.” Lynch, was at the event to introduce L Word creator Ilene Chaiken who received NCLR’s Voice and Visibility Award.

Embry and her former domestic partner lived in Washington State and had two children together. Each gave birth to one child, and each adopted her non-biological child through a second-parent adoption. The couple later moved to Florida, and their relationship ended several years after that. They agreed to share custody of both children and did so successfully until Embry’s former partner unilaterally decided to separate the children and cut off all contact between Embry and one of her children. NCLR represented Embry in her initial suit for shared custody.

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