Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hot Potato Cafe

The Hot Potato Café’s initial claim to fame aside from their serving up the best hot potatoes in the land was when mean chef-eater celebrity Chef Ramsay notoriously known for his berating unsuspecting trainee chef on his famous Kitchen Nightmares TV show paid the quaint café a surprise visit. Through the endeavors of this most congenial chef the Hot Potato Café had taken on brand new life and a new start for potato lovers everywhere. The café is even decorated with their very own potato snack to make your experience even more enticing. Potatoes are everywhere in this café even on the walls and on the shelves. Within the brown walls of this potato funny loving café, you name it and there most likely is a potato placed firmly on top.

What is more delicious French fries or baked potatoes? Share your favorite recipe for potatoes.

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