Friday, January 29, 2010

Greg Oden Dirty Pictures

Greg Oden Apologizes For Penis Pics; He Should Be Apologizing for Showing Off

Portland Trailblazers’ dud center Greg Oden sat down today and apologized for pictures of his enormous penis that are making rounds on the internet:

SportsChat is very disappointed in Greg Oden. While it is great that there is now empirical evidence beyond his stats that Oden truly is a big stiff, SportsChat sees no reason for him to apologize. If SportsChat had a piece like that, its photo would likely replace the rather smarmy looking head shot at the top of this blog. Nobody likes a braggart, but SportsChat understands it’s hard to speak softly when you are packing such a big stick.

SportsChat remembers a simpler time when a man could send a woman a Polaroid of his penis and the only thing he had to worry about was a restraining order. He also remembers when men used to simply suck their stomachs in and puff their chests out to impress a female. But times, they are a changing.

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