Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cameroon Vs Egypt Live.

The game of Egypt vs Cameroon is the most anticipated and awaited match-up of the Africa Cup of Nations 2010 Quarter Finals because Egypt is the only team that ended the elimination round with a perfect record. With this, all soccer fanatics are very excited to see whether or not the Cameroon could upset the most favored Egypt.

According to worldcupblog The beauty of Egypt – Cameroon is that it brings together two different styles of play; the Cameroonians unlike other west African teams play football for football, meaning that they focus on the techniques and skills more than physical playing and unlike other teams also, they play with passion; we on the other side play the tactical and more organized football that doesn’t lack the touch of beauty coming from highly talented players who enjoy a special chemistry among them as a result of having the luxury of organizing long preparation camps, not to mention that they are already familiar with each other from their league encounters.

The game in hand shall not be an exception to this rule, goals are expected and in large numbers; the stakes are high and motives are varied but that would only push both teams to score more.

Watch Cameroon Vs Egypt Live Match

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