Saturday, December 5, 2009

WWE Superstar Umaga Dead

Former WWE Superstar Umaga is dead. WWE confirmed that Eddie Fatu also known as “Umaga” passed away this December 4, 2009. Umaga’s tragic death has still no definite details and it was said that Umaga fell asleep while watching TV and after few hours his wife found him and not responding. The organization expresses there deepest condolences to Umaga’s family. To Umaga’s friends and family, he is a very dedicated family man and a responsible father who always look forward to spend his time with his children.

Update : Umaga’s family confirmed that he died because of heart attack. His wife found him not breathing and she noticed blood coming out of his nose, so he was rushed in a Houston , Texas hospital. He passed away in the hospital after he suffered a second heart attack. The family suspected that his death is caused by prescription pills.

Official statement from the hospital is not yet released. There are no further details as of now.

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