Monday, December 7, 2009

Who Died on Desperate Housewives 2009

Wisteria Lane has to be the most dangerous cul de sac and Fairview, the most disaster prone town in the country! Hostage drama, tornadoes, club fires, and now a small plane crash on top of the Desperate Housewives! So, who died in this latest catastrophe? There are a least a few candidates: one crazy woman and a soon to be useless ex-husband are good possibilities.

The small plane that Karl rented to trail a banner saying, "Will you marry me, Bree" was piloted by a bickering middle aged couple whose bad marriage ended with, "till death do us part". The plane crash landed, literally sliding down on its belly on Wisteria Lane. Who was killed? Mona who was blackmailing Angie about her sketchy past was killed first and maybe Bree, Karl or Orson. Bree's a major character, so count her out! To be continued in January!

The last quota of the season-ending episodes of the “Desperate Housewives” saw more of the sad sage of Dave, the man bereaved of his family than of the desperate housewives. The bulk of this season’s episodes of the ABC series of “Desperate Housewives” went away in milking the twisted tale of desperateDave trying to get revenge , which finally culminated on Sunday at the same crosswords where his wife and his daughter had met their death in a car crash with Mike and Susan, played by James Denton and Teri Hatcher respectively.

Dave’s (Neal McDonough) the tale of revenge provided fire and story to this season of the ABC series. His want to take the life of Mike’s and Susan’s son MJ and of Mike as well in order to justify the demise ofhis family made up for all the script, to keep the writers busy during the whole of this season. The season finale episode of the desperate housewives saw, Dave sparing his would be victims following the angelic appearance of his dead daughter. At the end of the episode, when Mike in order to rescue his wife and his son crashed into the car ofDave, his want for revenge all seemed to evaporate. The out of sorts widower released MJ without inflicting any harm to him. After their lives were spared by Dave, the family embraced each other with a small family huddle and the two Mike and Susan also shared a passionate kiss bringing a close to the revenge matter.

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