Sunday, December 6, 2009

upcoming Green and the Purple BAX Prestige Suedes

There you have it, I gave you two sneak peaks of the upcoming Green and the Purple BAX Prestige Suedes and now the day you have been waiting for is almost there. Tomorrow you will get the full Dose as you can see 20 Brand new colors in Suede will be available for your sexy and famous legs. Join The Bax Coen Updates group or the hippo Group which is non group space required In world to be the first to know when they are out.

Bax Coen-
BAX Prestige Boots Black Suede- Coal, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Ivory
BAX Prestige Boots Blue Suede- Night, Bohemian, Royal, Opal
BAX Prestige Boots Brown Suede- Brown, copper, Sienna, Tan
BAX Prestige Boots Green Suede- Hunter, Emerald, Olive, Myrtle
BAX Prestige Boots Purple Suede- Plum, Byzant, Purple, Pink

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