Saturday, December 26, 2009

ND Tiwari Video sex scandal?

Governor ND Tiwari was caught red handed while involving in sexual acts in Raj Bhavan by hiring brothels. ABN Andhra Jyothy Channel has given this exclusive report today much to the astonishment of entire citizens of AP. The photographs taken from spy cameras are shown on channel with censor cuts. The girls were brought from various corners of the country and place them as workers in Raj Bhavan initially. But eventually they will be taken to the bed room of Tiwari. This 85 year old Governor makes those girls aged between 17 and 25 do all nasty things right from massages to ‘BJ’s. This stunning fact has reached people today. Governor’s OSD is also involved in these forcible sexual acts.

ND Tiwari (86) resigned today citing “health grounds” after being accused of his involvement in a sex scandal.he hs submitted his resignation to the Indian president. Recently a Telugu news channel,(Andhra Jyothi ) which is owned by the ABN channel broadcasted some video in which Tiwari was in a compromising situation with three women.

The channel was restrained from airing the visuals by High court order but before that the visuals were once aired and mass have seen the whole video.

Many women groups protested against his act. The state government had also sent a report on the alleged scandal to the union home ministry. However the Andhra Pradesh Governor ND Tiwari denied media reports alleging his involvement in a sex scandal. Women’s groups held demonstrations outside his official residence here demanding his resignation.

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