Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Michael Schumacher F1 comeback

Michael Schumacher will make a remarkable comeback next season with the Mercedes Grand Prix team, it was confirmed on Wednesday.Schumacher, who will be 41 years old on Jan. 3, 2010, began his professional career as a member of the Mercedes-Benz Junior program in 1990-91, racing Group C sports-racing cars and DTM touring cars.

The German automotive brand paid for his Formula One debut with Jordan Grand Prix in the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, and his recruitment is the biggest feather so far in the cap of Norbert Haug, the director of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport in Stuttgart. Haug has wanted Schumacher to join McLaren-Mercedes for many years but the driver always politely rebuffed his advances, seemingly wedded to Ferrari.

But Schumacher revealed today that the new Mercedes GP approach came not from Haug, but from Ross Brawn, the engineer who was working alongside him when he won all his Grands Prix with both Benetton Formula and Ferrari.

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