Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kimbo Slice vs Houston Alexander video

A fight between two ex-street fighters will ensure excitement at TUF Heavyweights Finale on Saturday Dec. 5th at 9pm on Spike. Alexander won rounds1 & 3 & Kimbo #2. You rarely have 10-8 rounds in UFC & NO way Rd. # 2 was 10-8. No way Kimbo wasn't going to get a decision last night. He draws to many fans for them not to have him win. I Like Joe Rogan but he was all over Kimbo's nuts last night praising Kimbo at any & every chance. Kimbo's gound game hasn't progressed all that much. Can you imagine how easily someone like Mir would Sub Kimbo. At the end of the day UFC is a business & they make $ but this was a BS Decision

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