Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jim Harbaugh Denies Anti-Gay Slur on Field

Stanford football coach Jim Harbaugh denied using the word "faggot" on the field during a Notre Dame game on Saturday.

Harbaugh talked to GLAAD: "Harbaugh called back to personally state he never said the word 'f***ot.' He said, 'It did not come out of my mouth. It would not come out of my mouth. It’s not in my heart to ever say that.' Harbaugh acknowledged that he did curse but did not say an anti-gay slur. After discussing the need to create safe spaces for both LGBT athletes and for athletes who have LGBT friends and family members, Harbaugh said the university would be releasing a statement denouncing the video."

Harbaugh's official statement: “I would like to state unequivocally the alleged anti-gay remark that some have attributed to me did not come from my mouth and any such assertion is hurtful to me, members of my family and the gay community. Those who know me know I never use slurs under any circumstances; the bias reflected by spiteful slurs is simply not in my heart.”

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