Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jamie Jungers A beautiful Las Vegas model, Tiger Woods scandal update

The Tiger Woods scandal keeps getting bigger every day. Today, Radar Online reports that beautiful Las Vegas model Jamie Jungers has stepped forward and allegedly admitted an affair with Tiger Woods that lasted approximately 2 years. Of course, Tiger Woods hasn't confirmed or denied the affair so at this time, it's an alleged affair.

The Jaime Jungers affair fits in with the pattern of other Tiger Woods alleged affairs. The mistress had a long affair with the golfer, although the two didn't see each other for long periods of time. He met her in a Las Vegas nightclub, and even allegedly met her in Chicago and California for trysts. reports that Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas model, is the latest woman to allegedly have had an affair with Tiger Woods.

A MySpace search for Jamie Jungers reveals a profile for a 26-year-old Las Vegas blonde with the same name. While it is not clear that the profile belongs to the woman who allegedly slept with Woods, the profile picture matches a photo at Similarly, a Facebook search for Jamie Jungers also yields a profile whose photograph looks strikingly similar to the MySpace picture. See pictures below.

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