Monday, December 7, 2009

Amazing Race Winner 2009

The Globetrotters made a deal with the brothers, which would be the last deal they made before being eliminated from the race in The Amazing Race 15 Episode 11. That brings us down to the final three: Meghan Rickey and her boyfriend Cheyne Whitney, Dan McMillen and his brother Sam McMillen, and Ericka Dunlap and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt. One of these teams will be The Amazing Race 15 winner.

Teams depart in the order in which they arrived.

First: Meghan & Chenye - 11:10AM
Second: Sam & Dan - 12:08PM
Third: Brian & Ericka - 3:15PM

The final destination city is Las Vegas, Nevada, nearly 6000 miles away. The whole race is going to come down to some tasks in one city. The huge gap Brian & Ericka have allowed is moot (exactly as the producers planned no doubt), as the flight leaves after 6. The gap is so big that the other two teams don’t even know who they’re competing against.

Sam & Dan have a goal: don’t yell at each other. I suspect that’s too much to ask for.

When they land, they will travel to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to get their next clue from the king. To do so, they’ll have to interrupt some couple getting married.

The next stop is Mandalay Bay. Brian & Ericka break away from the pack, as their cab driver believes he’s got a faster way. He is right, and they arrive at the road block first. The road block is a face first rappel off the hotel, 600 feet down.

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