Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monica Goodling report

The Department of Justice's Inspector General's Office has released another of its reports on the politicization of DOJ under Bush. This one ought to be called the Monica Goodling report, as it focuses on her litmus test hiring. I'll post some updates on the details, but here is the conclusion:

Hey! Good news! We might actually get to fire someone over this--John Nowacki, who is still employed by DOJ, just got caught lying about Goodling's practices. Though, in Mukasey's statement on the report, he somehow forgot to mention that he was going to fire Nowacki for covering up his colleague's illegal activities.

I guess that means we'll just have to try to get Sampson and Goodling and Nowacki disbarred based on this report.

Update: Conyers and Sanchez are considering a criminal referral for perjury. I'm still reading the report, but I bet this would be a tough thing to pull off, since Sampson did admit Goodling's politicization of Immigration Judges, and Monica admitted to it all.

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