Saturday, February 9, 2008

Speedball 2 Tournament

Speedball 2 – Tournament, the ferocious and extreme sports game for PC, is available in stores today.

In a violent future, two heavily armoured teams fight a vicious battle for possession of a steel ball. Take control of a brutal squad of athletes and punch your way through the opposition, pounding players to the ground as you go, using any malicious tactics to win the game.

Speedball 2 – Tournament: Game Features:

  • New Multiplayer mode – Dedicated server solution and renowned Raknet network middleware for professional online gaming (e-sports)
  • Customise your players – Choose your player skin, team colours and tags in the profile editor or create your own logo and integrate it into the game and display it on the field
  • Team Selection – Choose your team carefully from male, female and cyborg characters with differing strengths and weaknesses
  • Game-Centre – Unique online community platform: Subscribe to worldwide rankings, leagues and events and use the match making tool to play with friends or other ranked players. Get your own webpage and add personal information, access the chat room and link to your clan’s blog
  • Extreme community support and action – Challenge other players on the game portal’s international leagues or tournaments for friendly or ranked matches
  • Live news and replays – Keep up-to-date with tournaments and events and watch full game replays on the Game-Center

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