Saturday, February 9, 2008

Microsoft to keep selling Windows XP till 2009

Vista SP1 slower and Microsoft told to keep selling Windows XP till 2009, Windows XP having a cut-off point for new XP licenses on June 30th, Microsoft are being told by analysts to keep selling XP till 2009.The story is that most customers are not ready for Vista and the June 30 cut-off date for new XP licenses will still be too soon, Richard Jones from Burton Group’s said “any OS transition should have the original and new products available for at least two years to handle customer migration needs” read more on that here.

Many of us that have made the switch know there was a lack of support for some apps, and this is because businesses need more time to get their applications and systems up-to-date to handle the new OS.What makes things worst is that the new Vista SP1 seems slower, Blorge are reporting Microsoft has talked about increased performance in Vista SP1, but they have not highlighted the slower parts of the upgrade, like file copying. Blorge went on to say that a 2GB+ sized file takes 20% longer to copy to a local folder with Vista SP1.

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