Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tear Down Madeleine McCann Posters

Portuguese locals have stripped the resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared of reminders of the tot including posters.

It’s even said that the green and yellow ribbons of hope that fluttered in the trees after Maddie, four, vanished on May 3 have now gone.

One woman said: “It makes no sense to display symbols of a child’s disappearance when the parents are suspects.”

Canadian Meri Hanlin, who runs a health food shop, said that “It’s not that they don’t care they just want the village back to how it was. A lot of businesses lost money because people stopped coming.”

Kate and Gerry both 39 and doctors were named suspects on September 7 and soon returned to Rothley, Leics.

Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said that “The people of Praia da Luz were incredibly supportive. Kate and Gerry remain very grateful.”

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