Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ricki Lake Bags Herself A Cusack

If you can manage to get past the slow preamble to this interview on The View with Grace Is Gone star John Cusack (truth be told, we drifted off ourselves, but we're almost positive we heard Sherri Shepherd asking the actor how he manages to so accurately recreate his performances each and every time she plays one of his movies on her Jesus-powered DVD player), there's a small reward waiting for you at the end:

Looking relaxed and sexified, guest host Ricki Lake (once divorced) boldly volunteers herself to be Cusack's date should he be nominated for an Oscar. Acknowledging a nomination might not happen, Cusack replies, "We might just have to go dinner." And then, like, Ricki says, "Alright, alright, it's on!" And then the audience goes, "Whooooo!" And then Shepherd says, "We should switch sides, girl." But they don't! We know! Go Ricki, go Ricki! At least someone on that panel should be getting laid regularly besides the Hasselfrau.

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