Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Final Destination 4, it was anything but final

The first sequel was directed by David R. Ellis, who then went on to make Snakes On A Plane which, you’ve got to admit, was a guilty pleasure! Ellis decided to return to his roots and yesterday signed on to direct Final Destination 4.

The fourth movie is likely to follow the same pattern as its predecessors: a group to teenagers trying to escape freak accidents before ultimately kicking the bucket at Death’s request.

The only difference is that the fourth film will be shot in 3D. That’s right, you’ll now see someone get their head chopped off in 3D! Great!

I think Ellis will be able to take Final Destination back to it’s best. Final Destination wasn’t what you’d call a cinematic masterpiece but with Ellis at the helm things look good for FD 4.

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