Thursday, September 20, 2007

On the Last Comic Standing 5 season finale

Last Comic Standing 5 season finale, the two finalists Lavell Crawford and Jon Reep were led to the stage by the USC Trojans marching band. Host Bill Bellamy warmed up the audience with an OJ Simpson joke and started a top ten countdown of the biggest laughs in Last Comic Standing history.

Special guest comedians Carrot Top and Robert Schimmel performed stand-up routines. The Last Comic Standing all-stars returned to roast Lavell Crawford and Jon Reep, and the eight previously eliminated Last Comic Standing finalists delivered their best one-liners.

In final farewell performances, Lavell Crawford joked that he wasn’t afraid to die fat that was his pallbearers' worry, while Jon Reep did an impression of professional football referees. The biggest laugh in Last Comic Standing history was revealed to be Jay London joking that he was the fourth guy from the left on the evolutionary chart.

Dane Cook of the movie “Good Luck Chuck” stopped by and wished both of the finalists good luck. Host Bill Bellamy revealed that the most votes in Last Comic history had been cast and that Jon Reep was the winner.

Jon Reep won the grand prize of $250,000, an exclusive talent contact with NBC, and his own half-hour comedy special on Bravo.

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