Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jenni Carlson vs Mike Gundy story updated

Sam Bradford followed up his impressive performance against North Texas with an even more impressive one against Miami...The next question from the Sooner Nation — what about Keith Nichol? ...But at the same time, the future is something Nichol will have to think about eventually...Brent Rawls and Tommy Grady did....Rawls or.. Jason White.

Jenni Carlson writes this in her column.

Series of observations....every journalists have right to express, so is anyone. If you make the news big, if you stir the news in front of media, you are only making fool of yourself.

Mike Gundy seriously needs a class or two on managing media. We know he can make stars out of dust, but it will be wonderful if can only stick to on field matters. Jenni Carlson is already a star, she does not need occasional jack like this.

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