Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pathology movies, Alyssa Milano and Milo Ventimiglia

If you are into ill superfilms then I, feeling a pathology to have will be right up your road. The poster does not say it about the film, „a body is safe completely completely “. The film was written and produced by Marks of Neveldine and by Brian Taylor the same chaps, who bought us attractionable. The film follows a group medical class participants, who plan a deadly play.

Milo Ventimiglia plays a young interned one, which arrives in the university hospital at Philadelphia, which stolpert on one psychopathic group of colleagues, who play a common play. They select regularly one of their members (on a rotation basis) before the perfect murder to specify during the judicial methods of the remainder use, in order to determine, how the homicide was accomplished.

Alyssa Milano, Johnny Whitworth and Lauren protection Smith of all connect Ventimiglia in the film, which is adjusted, in order to strike theatres on 30 November 2007.

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