Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Butterscotch aka Antoinette Clinton

Butterscotch aka Antoinette Clinton
What do you think of Butterscotch?

The Bottom Video is of IceBox Vs Butterscotch what do you think?

Butterscotch aka Antoinette Clinton, is only 21 years old, Clinton, but a large impression on of Americas received talent formed.

It is said that Beatboxing is the art vocal of the Perkussion, which mean that them drum impacts and - rhythm causes, but to Butterscotch more than beatboxing it does sings also in addition.
Butterscotch worries itself California national university university in Sacramento as a classical piano major.

Butterscotch won the hip hop world challenge 2005, and the all first international female Beatbox championship in Germany and in it struck 18 chaps as the west coast Beatbox masters.

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